Delicious Barcelona

Traditional Spanish food is full of flavour and very healthy,

 offering a variety of fresh ingredients as olive oil, garlic and tomatoes.

What is Barcelona Famous for Food?

• Escalivada, Calçots, Escudella, Cap i pota, Bacallá a la llauna, Fricandó, Canelones, Bombas (Potato ball and meat inside),
Esqueixada, Suquet de Peix, Empedrat, Romesco...
• Aioli is catalan!! The name means “garlic” and “oil” in Catalan.
• Desserts: Crema Catalana, Mel i mató, Xuixo, Carquinyolis and some traditional days: Coca Sant Joan, Panellets, Mona Xocolata...

How to Eat Out On a Budget

• Affordable restaurants are everywhere in Barcelona, just ask locals.
• Best Street Food in Barcelona can be a “bocata”: Pa tomaquet, Fuet, Botifarra...
• The real foodies are retired people who go to traditional
restaurants to enjoy the “esmorzars de forquilla”.

Try International Restaurants

• Taste the World!. Authentic ethnic restaurants in Barcelona are not hard to find.
• A delicious journey to prove that Barcelona is delicious: Authentic Italian restaurants, Japanese sushi bars, modern Ramen, great south american flavours...

Which areas have the best food?

• If you’re ready for a delicious taste, search for authentically
local restaurants in Barcelona.
• Restaurant food festivals, Food Exhibitions, Drinks tastings and “Festes Majors”.

Tastes from Around the World

There’s a big selection of International restaurants in
Barcelona. Italian, Hindu, Japanese, Mexican, Thai...

You're in a cosmopolitan city, take advantage of a big variety of ethnic flavours.

Traditional Local Food

“Menú del día” is a set menu offered for a fix price in Spanish restaurants during weekday lunch (2pm-4pm).
If you want the restaurant menu you can ask for “La Carta”.
The best traditional catalan food: Canelones, Pa amb tomaquet, Fuet, Bombas (Potato ball and meat inside), Escudella, Botifarra, Calçots, Escalivada, Esqueixada,
Suquet de Peix, Allioli, Romesco, Mel i mató...

Raciones ·Tapas · Pintxos

The difference between raciones, tapas and pintxos is just a matter of the size of the portion and the food you choose. Pintxos are individual portions including
a slice of bread. Tapas can be enjoyed all day long.
Most popular: patatas bravas, croquetas, ensaladilla, chistorra, jamón, Manchego cheese, olives, tortilla de patatas, mushrooms, pincho moruno, boquerones en
vinagre and many many more...

Seafood · Fresh fish · Paella

Spain is the second largest consumer of fish in the world. Squid, cuttlefish, octopus, mussels, clams, razor clams, lobster, garlic prawns, hake,
monkfish, bream, sea bass, sole, cod, sardines, anchovies… Try also Paella, Fideuà and black rice. Bon profit!!




Spain has more bars per inhabitant than hospital beds. Bars are an integral part of Spanish culture.
You can have an amazing
time for a surprisingly low price.


Throw the ball! It’s the perfect spot to start your free time with friends or family. Take a look at some of their
food and drink deals

Rooftops Bars

If you’re looking for a charming drink to stop by during your visit, don’t miss out on any hotel “terraza”. They offer live music and romantic dinners watching Barcelona´s skyline

Cocktail bars

If you’re more into cocktails you’ll find the extraordinary classics and the sophisticated ones. Never was so easy to have a great mix in the coolest specialized bars in Barcelona

Ice Skating

Barcelona has indoor skating arenas open all year-round for general skating sessions and outdoor “pistas de gel” in December and January. They offer ice skates for


You’re always better off choosing a tune you know very well. You can join in a group and experience the great fun to sing.


Explore the platforming talent of worldwide music groups. Sonar, Primavera Sound, Festes de Gràcia, La Mercè... there’s nothing more iconic in Barcelona.


No matter what type of music is required Barcelona’s clubbing scene is up there with the very best of them. The nights in Barcelona are gloriously fun!

Amazing Shopping

Barcelona’s most cost-effective luxury shopping destination in Europe

Shopping centers in Barcelona: Gran Via II, Diagonal Mar, LasArenas, Glories, Maremagnum, La Maquinista, El Triangle, El Corte Inglés, Finestrelles, SOM Multiespai, L’Illa Diagonal...

Galeries Maldà is located in the core of the “The Gothic Quarter” since 1943. It includes themed shops like Harry Potter, a Star Wars shop, a Game of Thrones store, a Dragon Ball store and many more.

Shopping in Barcelona depends on your budget, but remember “Barcelona és bona si la bossa sona”

Department Stores

The big department stores in
Barcelona have a lot of great
things under one roof. The best names on the Spanish and international fashion scene. So many items, so little time.

Shopping Centers

Shopping malls include modern shopping areas and dining options in addition to movie theatres. Barcelona malls host special activities an exhibitions.


Globalization is a defining force
of our era. Iconic international
fashion brands are also in Barcelona main commercial
streets. Stylish storefronts, chic
models and stylish persons.

Retail Stores

A shopper’s dream come true!.
Stores are now using inventive
design techniques. Specialty stores in Barcelona: candles, craft decoration, flowers, handcrafted jewelry...


Barcelona is plenty of flea markets (“mercadillos”): old books, vintage clothes, art, antiques, coins… On sunday morning Mercat Sant Antoni is a paradise for collectors: sale and exchange of stickers, posters, postcards, stamps and videogame.

Shopping holiday

A cosmopolitan city with
specialty stores, boutiques,
markets and shopping centers.
Barcelona shopping experience
is tailored to fit you.


Home to world-leading brands at exceptional prices. You will find everything about fashion and lifestyle for a great day out. Best prices are in January and July with good Sales - Rebaixes - Rebajas.

Luxury at a glance

Luxury shopping streets,
stores with a family character,
top quality multi-brand footwear. With a huge range
of independent shops and
specialist boutiques to explore,
there’s never a dull moment
while shopping in Barcelona.

Amazing Barcelona.

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